Azure Optimise

Taking the complexity out of Azure

Optimise security, performance and Costs

Azure Optimise takes the complexity and worry out of Azure, meaning your company can benefit from the power, flexibility, and freedom that it brings. Get in touch today if the following ring true:

  • You’re currently running servers in Azure and are concerned about costs or performance
  • You’re currently using Azure and are in a period of business change and need assistance
  • You’re looking to move your infrastructure to Azure

The key to Azure is knowing what you need from a performance and security perspective, then being able to translate that into a technical specification and cost. When it comes to managing your Azure Infrastructure, it’s safe to say experience counts, and this is where Risc excel. We are Gold Partners and Azure experts with over 20 years of Infrastructure experience.

With Azure Optimise, we break things down into two phases to accomodate all sizes of businesses and their IT departments. At the implementation stage, we offer guided, assisted or managed options depending on your resource needs or level of in-house expertise.

Phase 1 typically takes 2 days. Phase 2 is typically completed in under 10 weeks.

The Programme

All programmes are tailored to your organisation, however Azure Optimise will typically consist of the following:

Phase 1

Assessment & recommendations

Before we can assist with areas of improvement, it’s vital for us to get a full understanding of your infrastructure, how it’s set up and costs. This typically takes two days and results in a full report consisting of the following:


  • A summary of the current environment with recommendations and actionable changes to optimise Security and Performance
  • An analysis of current costs with recommendations and actionable changes to optimise spend

Phase 2


At the implementation stage we would typically show you what the ‘pay as you go’ costs will be for an initial period of one or two weeks. Following that, we have a proof of concept period where the allocated resources will be measured to ensure adequate performance and suitability before applying relevant discounts.


  • Demonstrate what the ‘pay as you go’ costs would be for an initial period of one or two weeks
  • Measure allocated resources to ensure performance and suitability
  • Adjust accordingly until all parties are happy
  • Commit to 12 or 36 months and apply discounts

Azure Optimise Enquiry

Complete the form, press send and your enquiry will be directed straight to a member of the team.

Shortly afterwards, we will be in touch to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.