Cloud Infrastructure

Ensuring your systems are future proof

Your Servers, Hosted in the Cloud

Cloud infrastructure, or Virtual Machines, allows you to store and access data and applications over the internet instead of on physical servers. They work exactly the same as traditional on-premise servers, but rather than being in your office, they’re hosted in secure UK datacentres.

Cloud Infrastructure has many benefits: it takes away the need to invest upfront in expensive hardware and is cost effective as you pay for what you use, it’s flexible meaning you can scale resources up or down as needed, it allows you to work from anywhere, and is more secure.

At Risc we scope, design, implement and support the following solutions:

Azure Cloud Servers

Azure Virtual Servers are incredibly powerful, highly flexible and highly reliable but they can seem daunting to businesses, especially as you get charged by the second. At Risc we’ll guide you through options available to suit your business, then scope, set up, and manage your infrastructure. Most importantly we’ll ensure costs are kept to a minimum, are predictable and fit your budget.



Teledata Virtual Servers

Teledata Virtual Servers come with the same scalability and cost effectiveness of Cloud Servers but with a difference; you get two for one. Teledata is dual-site meaning your Servers are replicated in real time (under a millisecond) to another site as a fail-over in the event of a disaster. This means no matter how simple or complex your infrastructure requirements are, your business-critical data and applications are safe, instantly, from day one. 


Azure Optimise

With Azure experience counts, and this is where Risc excel. We are Microsoft Gold Partners and Azure experts with over 20 years of Infrastructure experience.

Azure Optimise consists of Assessment, Recommendation, and Implementation of changes in Azure to optimise security, performance and costs. If you’re concerned about your Azure spend, are looking to move into Azure, or are in a period of business change and need assistance, Azure Optimise is for you.


Hardware Offers

At Risc we supply Hardware to businesses across the UK including basic Laptops and headsets to High Spec PCs, Desktops, Servers, and full Teams Meeting Room Solutions. You can pay upfront, monthly or through a lease, and we can send them for you to set up or preconfigured in a ‘plug and play’ state with your users’ licences, apps, settings, permissions and profiles.