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Alliance Partner

Do you want easy access to industry leading managed IT services at the competitive rates an IT Solutions company can offer? Ever needed free marketing materials to help sell to end users? Needed the help of a technical support service designed for techies?

We offer all the above free to our Partners.

Why is it free? Because a partnership works both ways – if we can help you grow, then we’ll grow too. We are not your standard distributor. We provide the personal touch and we’ll go the extra mile to help you grow your business. 250 companies like yours across the UK have realised the benefits of partnering with us and the increased success in selling Cloud services.

Alliance Partner Benefits

Your very own Tech Team

It’s impossible to know everything, but you can with our help. As a partner, you have access to your own first class UK based technical support team with no call queues.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your own personal account manager with a direct dial and a vested interest in growing your business.

Pre-sales Advice and Support

Sales and technical pre-sales advice on products you may not be familiar with.

Marketing Materials

White label marketing materials to help you sell more.

Fair Pricing

As you grow, so does your buying power with us – and therefore so do your percentage margins.

Risc Academy

Product training to help you sell more effectively.

Scaleable Services

Monthly billing to accommodate business change.

Online Store

Immediate licence provisioning available at all hours, every day of the year.

Partner Only Offers

Exclusive Partner only offers.

Advisor Partner

Don’t want to bill or provide support the end users yourself and want us to do it for you? No problem. They’ll always be your customer, but we’ll support them on your behalf, billing them on a monthly basis and sending you commission back hassle free.

The advisor partner model is just like the old Microsoft Advisor model, but enhanced and delivered consistently. We offer quick, easy direct support to the end user through our friendly, conscientious staff who are always aware that the customer is ultimately yours.

The advisor model is perfect if you’re a small team that is too busy to deal with arduous billing tasks, don’t want the challenge of credit control, or just don’t have direct debit facilities to accommodate the possible changes to bills month by month.

Advisor Partner Benefits

Monthly Commissions Hassle Free

Customers billed on your behalf with commission paid back to you each month.

Removes the Challenge of Credit Control

Eliminate the worry of chasing payments or billing cycles.


direct support to your customer

Quick, easy direct support through our friendly, conscientious staff who know the customer is yours.

Frees up time

Spend your time running your business – the thing you do best.

No more customer billing

We do the hard work for you so it’s perfect if you don’t want to manage customer billing.

Here to help

Always here to help you, your customers and your business grow.