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Microsoft Intune

Whilst hybrid working offers many benefits, from a cyber security perspective it brings a unique set of challenges.

Employees need to collaborate, work from anywhere, and access company resources from different devices – some company owned and some personal.

At the same time admins need to manage employee access to information, support users from wherever they work and crucially protect company data. Striking the perfect balance between these two can be a challenge.

All the above issues and more are solved with Microsoft Intune… a cloud-based solution which manages user access and simplifies app and device management across any device that accesses your company data – including mobile devices, desktop computers, and virtual desktops.

Securing your business in the Cloud - eliminating threats from BYOD - Intune

Like most companies you’ve probable asked yourself the following questions:

  • How do I manage all of the devices that access company resources?
  • Is our sensitive data being stored on personal devices that are outdated and unsecure?
  • What happens to our data if the devices are lost or stolen?

In this webinar, we’ll be addressing each of the above questions and looking at the security tools available in Microsoft 365 that keep your people, devices and data safe, what they can do, and how to utilise them.

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Problems Solved

Microsoft Intune addresses and solves the security and management challenges that organisations face from multidevice and multilocation working. Solving these challenges keeps your data secure improving your overall security posture and ensuring that your entire organisation has consistent security measures in place.


  • Do you know who has access to your data?
  • Worried about losing your device… and your data?
  • Still deploying policies one device at a time?

Bring your own device, securely

This means employees can use their own devices to securely access company resources with the policies you create. Employees can be productive on any device, and you’ll know where your data is and that it’s safe.

Remote wipe

We’ve all heard stories of laptops or mobiles being left on trains which contain sensitive data. With remote wipe you can block and remotely wipe the device instantly.

App Management

Distribute apps, deploy policies for apps, security, device configuration, compliance, conditional access, and more. To receive these, the devices only needs access to the internet.

How Secure are you… really?

If any of the above issues are ringing true with you, a good starting point is a Secure Score security assessment. Intune, and everything within it, forms part of the assessment, which scores on a series of metrics and provides a standardised measurement which you can compare against other companies in your industry.

We’d like to offer you a free Secure Score assessment. We won’t just give you the score, we’ll show you how to obtain it and talk you through your areas of improvement. After that, if you’d like help we can make the improvements for you.

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