Don’t Sleepwalk into a Microsoft 365 Data Loss

Redstor Microsoft 365 Backup

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Protect your whole M365 environment

Modern businesses need a unified view of all their data. Manage and protect your Microsoft 365 data via a single control centre as part of a centralised data management solution. Gain borderless visibility of local and online data and set policies across your entire estate.

Easily evidence compliance

Comply with regulations and legislation by quickly identifying files that require action, including deletion. Backups created and stored with Redstor Microsoft 365 Backup can be searched to make sure that every reference to the data subject is found instantly.

Automated management

Benefit from intelligent, policy-driven automation, powerful monitoring and sophisticated reporting. Fast to deploy and easy to manage, Redstor Microsoft 365 Backup requires zero human intervention on a daily basis.

Built to scale

Scales seamlessly in line with your Microsoft 365 needs. Redstor Microsoft 365 Backup provides true Cloud-to-Cloud protection for your data without the requirement for any on-prem hardware.

Fully auditable

Protect your entire organisation in a couple of clicks without compromising on security. The history of all Microsoft 365 search and delete sessions is stored. The erasure of relevant data is simple, monitorable, and auditable throughout the deletion process.

Maintain full control

Rest assured with a seperate backup policy as security standard. Regardless of where your data resides, you can confidently manage and access it with Redstor Microsoft 365 Backup.

Guaranteed data sovereignty

With zero downtime and preservation of data sovereignty, your data remains 100% safe in dedicated, highly secure, local data centres. Encrypted at source using Advanced Encryption Standard with a 256-bit key length, your data remains protected with a customer-defined key.

Rapid Restores

Radically reduce the impact of accidental deletion, malicious activity or corruption with a fast, proven backup and recovery service. Access your Microsoft 365 mailbox, OneDrive folder or Sharepoint file within seconds. No delays, no downtime, no disruption.

Transparent, predictable pricing

Simple, predictable, subscription-based pricing model. No hidden costs, no surprises.

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Microsoft 365 Backup – Just £3.30 per user

Volume licence discounts available

Microsoft 365 is based on a simple per-user pricing model. If you’d like to set up a 30 day trial or buy, there are a few details which we need beforehand.

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