Cloud Backup & Instant Data Recovery

Redstor Data Management

Redstor’s next generation 3-in-1 data management platform comprises Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Archiving as well as centralised visibility of your data, regardless of what it’s stored on or where it’s stored.

Easily backup your data into the Cloud from desktops, laptops, and both physical and virtual servers with Cloud Backup. Complete ad-hoc file recoveries as often as you like and at any time using InstantData. It ensures the data you need now is streamed and immediately accessible, whilst the rest of the data is recovered to the location you choose, so you don’t need to wait for entire systems or large files to be recovered before starting work again. This is the case whether you’re recovering a handful of files, or your entire system. The data you need now is streamed whilst everything else is recovered in the background meaning Disaster Recovery is quick and easy.

The backups that are taken can also be used as a long-term data storage solution through Redstor Archiving. Backup administrators can select files to be archived after a certain time period. The selected data is then replaced with a much smaller stub file which will appear in the original location. If a user wants to access the data, the file will be pulled down from the backup server and rehydrated allowing immediate access. 

Complete Data Management

Highly Secure Backup

Data is encrypted at source, in transit and at rest in UK datacentres. The encryption key is set by you, ensuring no unauthorised access.

Unthrottled Access

No limit to the speed at which you can download or stream your data. Ultra fast access enables you to continue working uninterrupted.

Instant Data Access

No need to wait for your entire system to restore in order to be operational. Work on files immediately whilst the rest of your infrastructure restores.

No Human Error, No Risk

Backups run to an automated schedule set by you. Choose as little or as often as your business needs, then the software does the rest. No human error, no risk.

Complete Management

All-in-one data management so you can access all of your data, whether on premise or in the Cloud, instantly, through a single control centre.

archived files on-demand

Save significant server storage costs in the Cloud through Archiving. Yet still access archived files on-demand.

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