Royds Withy King

TeamsLink Case Study

The Business

Royds Withy King are a Top 100 law firm that pride themselves on being ambitious and progressive. Spread across 6 offices principally in Bath, London, Oxford, and Swindon with over 500 employees, they deliver outstanding legal work with an energy that keeps them well ahead of the curve.

The Challenge

Like most organisations, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Royds Withy King were faced with the new challenge of enforced remote working. In terms of telephony, they were able to transfer some calls to mobile, but it was a complicated work around that had a particularly big impact on the Front of House team. Coupled with 4 onsite PBXs that were reaching End of Life, Royds Withy King knew there were much better and intuitive solutions available, so it was time for an upgrade. Also, taking onboard the Big Switch Off which is due to conclude in 2025, Cloud-based Hosted Telephony was the obvious choice, so they began exploring their options.

At this time, members of the Royds Withy King team attended one of Risc IT’s webinars where we demonstrated Hosted Telephony, specifically TeamsLink. Having witnessed TeamsLink’s intuitive front end, the call routing and the reliability of the system, and as they had already invested in the Microsoft Ecosystem, this seemed like the perfect solution.

The Solution

After finding out more about their current setup and solution requirements, it became clear that TeamsLink met all their needs: it’s easy to use, reliable, and future-proof. Royds Withy King began a trial with a handful of employees, including the Front of House team. The trial proved that it was the right solution for them, so they confirmed a company wide rollout.

Having zero downtime during the setup and migration was a top priority for Royds Withy King. Working to Risc IT’s detailed project plan allowed them to migrate to TeamsLink on an office by office basis without downtime. We ensured that users were able to use the legacy system and TeamsLink alongside each other, so any teething problems could be sorted without impacting productivity.

One of the benefits of TeamsLink is the ability to mix and match licences, meaning companies are able to use TeamsLink Pro in pockets throughout their organisation. Whilst the majority of users within Royds Withy King needed standard TeamsLink licences, we recommended TeamsLink Pro for some departments for the advanced call distribution allowing calls to be directed to the user that has been idle the longest.

TeamsLink worked seamlessly with their outsourced overflow call service and had no need for extra licences or charges to accommodate outsourced calls.

With other departments we recommended TeamsLink Pro for its Advanced Power BI reporting capabilities allowing them to view all incoming and outgoing calls, missed calls, peaks and troughs in call traffic, and the number of calls going through to their overflow.

Royd’s Withy King has a substantial IT department, so we trained members of their team to deliver training to their end users. In addition to this, we delivered specific training for the Front of House team to ensure a smooth transition into TeamsLink. This was delivered alongside training notes and user guides that were accessible post-training as well.


Over the course of 9 months, we migrated over 500 users with 1250 numbers across 6 different locations, entirely remotely. Royds Withy King have now switched off their legacy PBX hardware so are proudly operating completely in the Cloud and taking 100% of their calls through TeamsLink.

Working remotely and flexibly is no longer a headache; users are able to answer calls from their usual office, home, any of the other office locations, or anywhere else, easily without complicated work arounds. The Royds Withy King team are effective from anywhere.

TeamsLink is Cloud-based so has no hardware maintenance, won’t reach End of Life like their legacy system, and it’s ready for The Big Switch Off 2025. This means it fulfils their requirements now and will continue to do so in the future.

We are proud to have helped Royds Withy King realise their vision and contribute to their continued growth.

“Having rolled out Teams across the organisation for chat and video, the next logical step was to add telephony to the platform. Doing this, in the current climate, ensured our entire workforce were able to make the transition to home working with ease.

Thanks to Risc IT Solutions’ project management, including an internal communications plan and training materials, coupled with their thorough training programme, the rollout of Teams Telephony was seamless and ensured our employees were informed on how best to utilise the technology.

This has enabled Royds Withy King to maintain an outstanding level of personal service to our clients, no matter where or how our staff are working, as well as ensuring we have a futureproof, scalable solution”.

Director of IT – Royds Withy King


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