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TeamsLink Case Study

The Business

Founded in 1812, Wolferstans has established itself as a major law firm on the south coast. They’re headquartered in Plymouth, with further offices in Plympton and Plymstock. Their 200+ person workforce prides itself on the delivery of outstanding legal expertise and on its dedication to client satisfaction and the local community.

The Challenge

Unlike most of our TeamsLink clients, Wolferstans had already adopted Teams across the business and made the move to Teams Telephony with another provider, but unfortunately it wasn’t the high-quality solution they had hoped for. They encountered issues from the beginning, including poor quality calls, calls being cut off and long delays prior to connection.

Although they enjoyed using Teams itself, the integration with Microsoft 365, and using headsets, the impact of the connectivity and quality issues were outweighing those positives. In addition, their Telephony solution didn’t deliver any reporting so they were unable to see how many calls they were receiving, how long people were on hold for and how many calls they were losing, and what measurable business impact this was having.

One thing they did know was that the system wasn’t working due to the number of complaints from customers about the amount of time they were waiting to be answered. This was frustrating for both clients and the front of house staff who felt the brunt of the complaints. As a client-focussed business they knew they needed to resolve these issues urgently.

The Solution

To demonstrate the solution would work for them, we initially trialled TeamsLink with their front of house team – the team that were experiencing the majority of problems and dealing with customer frustrations. The difference was immediate: there were no connection problems, and the call quality was vastly improved.

During roll-out, the team at Risc worked very closely with the TeamsLink engineers to ensure a smooth, rapid migration of the phone numbers to the new platform. From a user perspective the transition was seamless. Wolferstans’ staff finished work on the one evening and when they came into work the next morning, everything was moved across and operational, with new features and functionality available to them instantly.

We set Wolferstans up with 3 different ring groups – one for each of their offices. When a call came in it would ring in the first instance for the staff in the office that was dialled, before overflowing to the other offices. The call would pop up to say which office the call was for. This allowed each of Wolferstans’ locations to keep their local presence and independence, whilst still operating as a whole organisation.

Although everyone was happy and the ring groups were a vast improvement on their previous system, after three months of assessment and analysis on the operational effectiveness, we suggested the use of call queues rather than ring groups to improve efficiency.

Call queues allow the system to decide which staff member to present the call to based on a number of factors, such as their skill level or the amount of time a user has been idle. In the case of Wolferstans, the front of house team would have the highest skill levels, so the call is presented to those staff members first, before overflowing to a secondary group of staff. This provides some additional benefits. Firstly, it means that the calls are distributed better within each office, and secondly, it gives live visibility and reporting across their sites and organisation. Live data, such as how long it takes to answer calls and which times of day are the busiest, is pulled from TeamsLink and displayed in wall boards, so they can target staff to accommodate the busiest periods. This allows Wolferstans to have a clear view of their business and to drive business efficiency.

Client Interview

The following video is a live case study with David Price – Head of Client Services and Recruitment at Wolferstans.


As is often the case, having the right tech can be transformational for businesses. Wolferstans now have a phone system they can have confidence in; delayed connections and disconnecting calls are a thing of the past. They’re not only benefitting from the reliability, but they can be confident that they’re making positive first and lasting impressions for new customers and clients alike, which is invaluable.

Additionally, through the reporting and insights now available, they’re able to analyse operational consistency and allocate staff for business efficiency. This is not only benefitting the business and their clients now, but will be instrumental in future growth.

“From a shaky start with our previous provider, Teams telephony with TeamsLink has supported us in delivering exceptional service to clients as a key part of a new, sophisticated contact centre provision.

TeamsLink gives Wolferstans the ability to better serve both our new and existing customers by allocating calls in an intuitive way among our hybrid workforce. The reporting through the PowerBI dashboard delivers granular detail on our performance and we use this data to inform decision making across the firm. The ability to add functionality user-by-user means we can easily test additional functionality such as Wallboards and compliance call-recording, giving us agility in our Customer Experience program.

Risc have brought a high degree of expertise in Teams to aid our developments. The team at Risc have provided both end-user and admin training, and have seamlessly integrated alongside our in-house IT Support as a key part of our Team. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Risc and leveraging our investment in Teams, for the benefit of our clients.”

Head of Client Services – Wolferstans Solictors


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