5 Reasons you need
Microsoft 365 Backup

5 reasons you need Microsoft 365 Backup

Whilst many businesses have adapted and embraced recent changes in the way we all work, it’s vital that by affording flexibility, companies don’t let their security slip. One area that is essential and often overlooked, is backing up your Microsoft 365 data.

Regardless of where you’re working, you need protection for your Microsoft 365 data. After all, the Cloud isn’t infallible – Microsoft state in their Ts and Cs that customers should use third party software to backup their data. The solution we recommend for this is Redstor Data Management. It allows you to manage, backup, and Restore your OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange Online and Teams data.

Below are 5 reasons you need Redstor’s Microsoft 365 Backup.

1. Deleting a file isn’t a big deal

The majority of the time, files or folders get deleted unintentionally. Yes – you can be unlucky and they’re intentionally deleted, but more often than not that’s not the case. With Microsoft 365, when a SharePoint or OneDrive file is deleted, it can be recovered for up to 90 days after the deletion. After this time, the files will be unrecoverable.

With unintentional deletion, if you’re lucky you’ll realise something is missing within the 90 day time frame. However, we’ve come across numerous instances where important files stored in folders for future use have been deleted without the user knowing only for them to realise too late!

Microsoft 365 is also unable to distinguish between genuine deletion, accidental deletion, and malicious deletion (by a disgruntled employee or malware) – it treats everything the same.

The only way to ensure you can recover your files – no matter how they were deleted – is by using a 3rd party business grade backup solution like Redstor which allows you to effectively recover them.

2. Your Data is protected from cyberattacks

No organisation is immune to cyberattacks – being Cloud-based doesn’t make you invincible. Threats from malicious links are at an all time high and coupled with the distractions from remote working, staff can easily lower their guard and click on links by accident.

Even in a worst case scenario, having a Backup of your data with Redstor means that you will always have that data available. Restoring your Data is quick and simple.

3. Customisable retention

Redstor allows you to tailor your retention policy to suit you and your business needs, from a short 60-day retention right through to 7 years and longer.

You can also customise how often, when, and which data from your estate you want to backup – so, OneDrive, SharePoint, or Exchange – allowing you to tailor Redstor to suit your organisation’s needs.

4. It’s a 4-in-1 Solution

Redstor offers more than Microsoft 365 backup. You’re able to Backup and Restore data from your laptops, desktops and servers; you can Backup your Microsoft 365 data including OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange and Teams; you can free up your disk space by Archiving data which you don’t need immediate access to, and; if all goes wrong, you can Restore your data quickly and easily using Redstor Disaster Recovery.

5. Managing Data Becomes easy

Using Redstor means that you have a unified and automated data management strategy in place. You’ll know what Microsoft 365 data you have, what on-premise data you have, and where everything lives. You can rest assured that it’ll be recoverable if something happens, so you’ll have total peace of mind.