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Microsoft’s Global Cloud Platform

Azure is huge. Huge in scale, huge in capacity, and huge in the range of products and services available to developers and businesses. It contains over 160 services to subscribe to, all of which are highly secure, highly reliable, and highly scalable.

At Risc IT we specialise in Azure Virtual Servers.

Azure Virtual Servers are a type of on-demand, scalable computing resource within Microsoft Azure. They provide flexibility in terms of operating systems and machine sizes, scalability to adjust resources as needed, and a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Translating what you need into a cost

Azure Virtual Servers can work on their own as an entirely virtual setup or as part of a Hybrid (Cloud and on-premise) infrastructure, making them suitable for businesses that want to transition to the Cloud or those with on-premise servers reaching end of life. Futureproofing your business has never been easier.

With Azure, experience counts. Before creating a virtual machine, we will consider the following aspects:

  • The names of your application resources
  • The location where the resources are stored
  • The size of the virtual machine
  • The operating system that the virtual machine runs
  • The configuration of the virtual machine after it starts
  • The related resources that the virtual machine needs.

With our assistance we can define exactly what you need technically, and then translate that to a regular, manageable cost. This is especially important as Azure is charged by the second.

AZUre – A New Pricing Model

Azure Reserved Instances means that you can save money on Virtual Servers by reserving your resources in advance for a set 12- or 36-month period. Businesses can choose their Azure Virtual Servers as normal, trial it for a month or two to work out resources, then lock it down into a an Azure Reserved Instance. By doing this you will receive up to 70% discount and a choice of an upfront or monthly payment model.

Hybrid benefit is a method of reducing the costs even further by applying already purchased licences to Azure Reserved Instances.

The big news is that if you’re moving into Azure for the first time, you can now buy these licences from Risc IT, apply them to your Azure Virtual Servers and benefit from the very same reductions only previously available to large enterprises.

The flexibility within Azure is huge and can seem daunting. As mentioned above, experience counts, especially as pricing is charged by the second. As always though, we’re here to guide you through the options and costs available, and will work with you to provide options within the Azure portal to suit your business, budget and scenario.

Azure Case Studies

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